May 26, 2009

Just a reminder 4 all of us..(كن فيكن )

Salam everyone..

Life is short, isn't it?
So, we have to enjoy it as much as we can b4 our time come.. Is it? Is that the correct match 4 for the fact that life is short?
Think of it..

Well, I actly bz with exams n so on lately..
macam malas nk update blog ni with thousand reasons including study, programme, bla bla bla..
Suddenly, a hard-to-believe n shocking news came thru my FB this morning saying that someone that i know passed away.. everyone wishing him Al-Fatihah n pray 4 his peace rest..

و لاحول و لا قوت الابالله
Aku hanya mampu termenung buat seketika dan menyedekahkan a-Fatihah buatnya..
I instantly caught by a mixture of feelings.. sad, fear n so on..
I wanna say that I couldnt believe it but.. كن فيكن .. when Allah say YES, then YES it is..
Ajal itu di tangannya.. (daripada allah kita dtg & kepadaNya lah jua kita kembali)
When the time came, It will never be bring forward nor delayed even a second..

Then, I started muhasabah myself.. Am I prepared enough to face Allah? with a very little good deeds n so many sins that i've done..

Firman Allah in the Holy Qur'an :
...Maka adapun orang yang berat timbangan(kebaikan)nya, maka dia berada dalam kehidupan yang memuaskan(senang). Dan adapun orang yang ringan timbangan(kebaikan)nya, maka tempatnya kembali adalah Hawiyah. Dan tahukah kamu apakah Hawiyah itu? (yaitu) api yang sangat panas.

(al-Qari'ah ayat 6-11)

Oh Allah, ya Rahman..ya Rahim.. place me with those Mukminin.. Put me away from Naar.. Let me "rest" in Iman..إِنَّ لله سَمِيعٌ عَلِيمٌ

So now, let us Muhasabah ourselves again.. Give the best shot 4 this short time that we have..
Who knows? ur call or my call could be in the next secs.. Anyway, just a reminder for me n also for all of u out there.. Remember Allah all the time..
Not just when something like this (bad things) happen to us, then only we search 4 Him..

so, i think thats all 4 now..
till next post..
ما أسلامه..

May 13, 2009


Salam everyone..

It has been ages since the last time i wrote on this blog..

well, it was due to busyness with exams n so on.. u know, A-level is on the corner..
huhu,.. luckily or should I say, unluckily, no past years question to be "memorise".. but there's a lot to be studied anyway..

Actually, We just finished the Physics Lab Practical 3A today..(I wanna say this morning but the exam is like taking the whole day coz we hv this pre n post quarantine thingy)..
Almost everyone stressed out by the paper.. but Alhamdulillah, I've given my better shot compare to the trial one.. so, kinda relief lor.. =)
Thank you Allah, tho I couldn't finish the last question with a satisfaction but still its ok..
(to be optimist)..

This bcoz I believe in Destiny that Allah has written for me.. My duty is to try n go through n then Tawakal.. The results is independent on my effort anyway.. It depends to what He wanted to give u,.. N then, there will another test.. Either glory or failure, both are test..

This is life.. It is actually a Big exams in a short time before the "graduation day" come n we'll see where is our eternal Final Destination.. Jannah (heaven) or Naar (hell).. So, do ur best 4 this Big exams ever.. Btw, the revision source that we need to pass this exams is al-Qur'an n as-Sunnah..

I think that's all 4 now, the good things come from Allah, do 4give me 4 any mistakes, typing error n so on..

Till the next post..

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