Jan 27, 2009

My Prescious Posession - Forgotten??

Alhamdulillah t0 our dearest Creator, Allah S.W.T who always been there to guide us so that we are always at the right path towards Jannah.

Before I begin, let me inform all of you that this is just a spontaneous short letter that comes from deep inside an ill heart that looking for a guidance from The Most Merciful, Allah. S.W.T.

My dear friends,

The most precious things( because there are 2 things) that we own as a Muslim :

Iman and Islam.

Undoubtedly, these two things are always been forgotten by Muslimin without considering age, profession, position etc..

How many of us are taking a good care of these important specialities given by The Most Merciful Allah S.W.T??

Ask ourselves!! Ask our heart!!

Have we ever been grateful by having these generous gift from Allah??

Do we actually proud to be a Muslim??

Remember, Allah S.W.T always watch us.. and He knows whats inside our heart..

Now, Muhasabah yourself!!

Let us give our heart some Rohaniah treatment..

Hope this can be a remembrance to ourselves..

Till next time..


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