Feb 18, 2009

The Sharpest Weapon

 Say Your Pray Today ..

Do'a is said to be the sharpest weapon of a Muslim. This undeniable fact has been proven since the first day human was created by The Greatest Creator, Allah S.W.T.
Until now, those who believe in the existence of Allah and believe that Muhammad PBUH is His messenger rely on Allah for everything in their life.. The word rely here means Tawakal after giving their best effort in doing something.. 
Pathetic is the best word to describe the scenario when some people misunderstood the concept of Tawakal.. They let everything happen without putting any effort in their life..
Please note that Allah will never change one's fate unless he do it himself..

No matter who ever you are or what position that you hold, when it comes to certain time especially when you feel sad,stress etc.. we'll always ask for a help from Him..

That's a common thing that we always do as Abdullah (hamba Allah)..
Revise back,  Is that the only time that we have to remember Allah?? Only when we have a problems?

Sometimes, we forget that Allah witness us all the times.. He is always there to take care of us because of His Greatest Love.. 

Hence, time to make Do'a is anytime.. not just after Solah or whenever we have problem.. Also, we should make do'a when we want to obtain or achieve something.. Also, say Alhamdulillah whenever we get something good (nikmah) from Allah as well whenever He tests us..

Is my do'a heard by Him??
Why I still didn't get what I ask for??

These questions should never been exist in our mind.. Just believe in Allah and His Power.. Allahu Sami'.. The All-hearing.. That's Allah.. 
Note that sometimes Allah didn't give us directly what we ask for.. Instead, He give something else which is much better for us or else He protect us from something bad that might actually happen to us such as accident.. Also, sometimes Allah will give what we ask for but it took a suitable time to be given to us.. The other consequence of our Do'a is if let say Allah didn't give what we ask for during our lifetime in Dunia.. He will keep it for us in Akhirah.. 

Speaking about this.. 
There's a story about a man who died and when comes to judgement day, he saw a huge mountain in front of him.. Then, he ask Allah, to whom this mountain belong to?? 
Allah reply, it is yours.. It is your Jabal Hasanah ( Mountain of good deeds).. 
Then the man reply again, "but my good deeds is not as much as this".. 
Allah reply, "This is also for your do'a that you make to Me that I didn't award you during your lifetime in Dunia"..
Subhanallah, the man said if only I know that I will get jabal hasanah for my do'a.. then, I'll never ask you to full fill my do'a.. I rather ask you to keep it for me in Akhirah..

So fellows, make your do'a today and always remember Allah no matter when u are in suffer as well as when u are happy.. Bcoz Allah will easily approve our do'a when we are in suffer provided that we remember Him when we are free from anxiety..

That's all for now.. 
Till next time..
Ma' as salamah..

Feb 11, 2009

Hows ur heart (part II)

Apa khabar hatimu??

~Nukilan bermula..~

Hati ini sedang sakit rasanya..
ada kalanya sakit sekali..
tak terhingga..hanya Allah yang Maha Tahu..
usaha dibuat tuk mncari penawar..
tak dinafikan.. banyak halangan mencari penawar..
namun, itu bukan alasan utk b'putus asa..
kerana bagiku, Allah tidak akan pernah mengecewakan hambaNya..
selagi mampu berusahalah wahai manusia..
lalu berdoalah kamu setelah berusaha bersungguh2..
tawakal pada yang Satu..

Hanya ingin berkongsi persepsi diri ini..
Juga sebagai peringatan bersama..

Temanku dan juga saudara2ku,
kalau berjaya mendapat apa yang diinginkan, maka bersyukurlah..
namun sebaliknya, kalau tidak seperti yang diharapkan, maka brsabarlah..

anggap saja masanya belum tiba atau mungkin Allah sedang menyiapkan sesuatu yang lebih hebat drpd yg diharapkan..
Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Bijaksana Lagi Maha Mengetahui
Dan jgn lupa, bersyukurlah juga kerana Allah sedang menguji kita..
kita telah dipilih untuk diuji..
Sesungguhnya, Allah sayang hambaNya yang bersabar menghadapi segala ujian..
deraian air mata tidak perlu berterusan hanya kerana kesedihan sebaliknya menangislah dalam kegembiraan..
kerana kejayaan sebenarnya satu ujian yang berat.. ujian bagi hati..
justeru, beringat2lah ketika berjaya mendapatkan apa yang dihajatkan..

Sekian dulu cetusan kali ini..

InsyAllah, Topik seterusnya tentang do'a..Do'a??


Feb 3, 2009

Hows ur heart??

Hows ur heart??
Apa Khabar Hatimu??

HEART is undeniably one of the important part of our life as human being since we need to have our own feeling..To illustrates, we need to feel in love, to be happy, sad, angry etc..

As Allah Apostle PBUH said :
Inside the human body, there is a flesh.. If the flesh is well, then the whole part of the body will be good.. In contrary, if this particular part is problematic, then the whole body will be bad.. Note that this special part is called "heart"..

There's no doubt that u'll feel ill if ur heart is sick..
In other words, ur feeling is not something that u made up, it is naturally comes from your heart..
What is expressed outside is not usually whats inside..
Sometimes both can be in opposite side..
Also, what u say sometimes the opposite of what u feel inside ur heart..

From what I learn in the CTU (Centre of thought & Understanding) class, there's 3 type of heart owned by human beings:
  • Live heart (Hati yang hidup)
  • Die heart ( Hati yang mati)
  • Ill heart ( hati yang berpenyakit)

Live Heart
always remember Allah..
at peace..
Everyone aiming for this type of heart ( including me)..
In reality, only few of us have it..
as a Muslim, the most precious part of Iman is when u owned this type of heart..
u never feel loss or regret for any bad things happen to u..
Instead, u view it as a test from The Creator..
MasyaAllah, I really want to have this kind of heart..

Die Heart
away from Allah..
seriously not at peace..
It is a very dangerous type of heart..
Some people owned it (Those who doesn't believe in Allah SWT)..
Unfortunately, they don't realize it..
How unlucky those people are..
Hopefully, I'm not in this category..(Nauzubillah..)

Ill heart
not exactly in the right track of showing their worship towards Allah, The Almighty..
sometimes at peace, but sometimes not..
Undoubtedly, most people owned it..(maybe even me)
this category of heart need a treatment in order to be alive peacefully..
Wake up people!! treat ur heart today..
it'll never be late for us to return to the right path..
Bcoz Allah is The Most merciful..
He never hate us though we've done so many sins..
Yet, he always wait for us to Taubah (return to Him)..
Imagine how much Allah loves us..
In fact, He loves us 70 time more than our mother does..

Queries & Quotes from friends

A friend of mine said that his heart is "dry"..
Then he ask me to interpret meaning of a dry heart..
my answer :
This is one of the example of ill heart.. it needs to be watered.. with a remembrance of Allah Azza Wa Jallah.. Make a do'a to Him.. ask for a guidance from Him.. bcoz do'a is the sharpest weapon of Muslim..

Where there's a will there's a way..
where there's a prob, never get sob! sob! sob!..(sad)

Life doesn't always happy..
A quote from a friend " life is not colourful without probs"..
I think : yups, it is true.. No doubt... take those probs that happen in our life as a test from Allah as well as a unrealised step in getting closer to Allah.. Allah loves us.. thats the reason why He test us.. He wants to know how much do we love Him.. so, don't ever fail in ur test ok!!

Another friend (amanhati) said "Alangkah indah hidup ketika bercinta"..
I think : This is a very nice quote of amanhati.. love it.. Just that I still need further explanation about this quote so that I'll not misinterpret it.. Anyway, I like this quote.. thanx Mr aman hati..

What to do now??
After reading this post, check ur heart.. If needs a treatment, then treat it with the best treatment.. do it with all ur effort.. In the meantime, ask a guidance from Allah SWT.. Remember Him all the time.. Avoid urself from bad deeds.. Last but not least, take care of urself..

Till next time..


Feb 2, 2009

Just to Share..

My Luv letter from UK
My feeling
mY HoPe

1st of all, I should thank Allah SWT for giving me a chance to share this short story with u guys..

~Let the story begin..~

Last 3 Weeks, I got an offer letter from univ of Southampton asking for ABB + 6.5 for IELTS
Few days later, Leicester send their offer to me.. ( Luckily they only asking for BBC )
Then, comes the offer letter that I really wish for.. its from Sheffield.. they want me to get ABB..
On the next week, coincidentally on the same day, Surrey n Warwick took their turn in giving me a hope for place at their univ..

Similarly, both doesn't mention about IELTS requirement (at all) but Surrey is considerably more lenient on which they only require BCC ( which is the lowest requirement amongst those 5 univs) ..
While Warwick require as high as what Southon n Sheff want..
Now, I'm happy with all the offers that I got..

But at the same time, I'm worried about all those requirement.. I mean can I obtain what those univs required?? It seems very hard for me to further one more steps into the univ..

Another prob is I have to re-sit for IELTS on the 7th (Listening,reading,writing..) while on the 10th I'm gonna be tested on the Speaking part..

I keep on thingking bout this stuff..

Till I remember a quote saying :

"Don't think of how to get it but imagine that you are already get it"
All I need now is a bless from Allah SWT so that I can face the test calmly.. InsyaAllah..

so, I think thats all for now.. Hopefully u guys can pray 4 my success yeah..


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